April 2013

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Photo Booth this Weekend

    I’m sorry but there appears to be some confusion about where the photo booth will be this weekend. I WILL NOT have the booth at Culver Academies’ Senior Dinner Dance. (I proposed it to the committee and they decided not to have it. I’m not sure why. Sorry.) The booth will be at Oregon Davis’s After Prom (very late Friday night) and Culver Community High School’s After Prom (late Saturday night).

    Leesburg Elementary School Carnival- Photo Booth

      This afternoon, we traveled to Leesburg, Indiana, a small town north of Warsaw, with the photo booth for their annual Summer Fun Carnival. You can say what you want, but there is such a thing as Hoosier Hospitality. The kids were great. The adults were kind and welcoming of us. It was a really fun event to have the photo booth at. I think everyone enjoyed themselves with the booth and our goofy props.

      I’ve posted the photos for free download at-


      Argos Elementary School Carnival- Photo Booth

        Tonight I took the photo booth to Argos High School for the annual Argos Elementary Carnival. Being the first time the school had invited a photo booth to their carnival, it was big hit. Kids of all ages lined up to get their photos in the booth. As always, I had a blast working the booth. It really is a lot of fun watching everyone laugh and enjoy the booth. I’ve posted the photos for free download to-


        Outdoor Photo Booth!

          We are pleased to announce that we’ve purchased a heavy duty, beautiful 14’x20’ tent that is large enough to hold the photo booth, all the props, and our equipment with plenty of room to spare. Our new tent is a little larger than we really need but its size allowed for an interior height that would fit our photo booth. We purchased the tent so that we can have the photo booth at outdoor events without having to worry about the weather. With our new tent having sidewalls with windows, we’ll be protected from both rain and wind which tends to blow our props everywhere.

          For outdoor events, please note that there will be a surcharge if we are using the new tent as our setup and teardown is increased by a few hours.

          Relay For Life Photo Booth

            Tonight I had the photo booth in Culver, Indiana for the annual Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at Culver Academy. The booth was huge hit with the kids and adults and we managed to raise some money for the cause.

            I’ve posted the photos from the evening for free download at: http://www.culverphotos.com/2013_relay


            Relay For Life- Culver Academies

              We are looking forward to participating in the Relay for Life event at Culver Academies this Friday night. We’ll have the photo booth there and are donating half of our proceeds to Relay for Life. Props will be available and we’ll print strips for everyone who goes into the booth. It should be a fun night and it’s a great cause!

              Operation Quiet Comfort

                Last night I traveled to Plymouth, Indiana to Memories Banquet Hall with the photo booth to participate in Operation Quiet Comfort’s Annual Support Dinner. It was a fun event with a lot of Veterans and people who care about the assisting the US Military.

                Before being asked to have the photo booth at their event, I had never heard of Operation Quiet Comfort. Their group is a national, non-profit group based in Plymouth, Indiana which puts together care packages to send to military hospitals for our injured troops. Some items typically sent might be: toothbrushes, deodorant, underware, socks, combs, and pajamas. They send items that the soldiers need on a daily basis that they would not have on them when they are injured. Almost always, they are transported directly to the hospitals. One thing I did learn about Operation Quiet Comfort last night- 100% of the funds they collect goes to the troops. Their management fees are $0 as everyone is a volunteer. They even pay for their own gas and lodging when they travel to their different chapters around the country. For more information about them, please visit- http://www.operationquietcomfort.com/index.html

                I’ve posted photos from the event to- http://www.culverphotos.com/2013_quiet_comfort

                Culver Community High School After Prom

                  Today I just received word that we’ll be having the photo booth at the Culver Comminuty High School (CCHS) After Prom in May. I think the booth will be a huge hit for the seniors as they’ve never had a photo booth at their After Prom. Their After Prom is held at the LifePlex center in Plymouth, Indiana which does a great job at providing fun, safe things for the kids to do once their Prom is over. We’ll have our booth will be set up from 11:00-1:00 which will not interfere wil the hypnotist who takes the stage at 1:00. Please be sure to to thank all the volunteers and supporters who help make this event happen every year.