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Our Photo Booth Business

As a professional photographer, I was against photo booths. I viewed them as lazy photography. After all, they do not require a lot of skill or creativeness. There is no “photographer’s eye” or “art” in the photos that come out of a photo booth. I always considered our lives as photographers as the lives of artists. We work long and hard hours during our photography sessions and when editing the photos to ensure we capture the special moments in our clients’ lives. With photo booths, the skill, the patience, the “eye,” and the creativeness are out of your control. Someone goes in, presses a button, and gets their photos.

I also viewed myself as being in competition with photo booth operators. I now realize that we are not competing. Instead, we are both providing a service, much like a DJ or florist. I realized just how much fun photo booths are and how they almost always become the hit of the events that they are at. Most importantly, our clients spoke to us. We received numerous requests for a photo booth. As photographers, we are trained to listen to our clients.

In the Fall of 2012, I started researching photo booth manufactures once again. In doing so, I realized two things. 1) There is a world of difference in the types of booths and their prices and 2) We could provide photo booth rentals that are better and less expensive than anyone in the area.

We decided to conduct major research. We decided on our criteria (picture quality, type of specific equipment in the booth, lighting used in the booth, and physical appearance of the booth). We emailed numerous vendors. Some vendors didn’t want to disclose the inner workings of their booths. Some cut their costs in lighting or by buying refurbished equipment off e-bay. We thought the selection process would take a few days. It took us months to make a decision. The diligence paid off. We believe we have selected the highest quality photo booth that provides the best venue and photos for our clients.

We hope you benefit from our hard work.