Operation Quiet Comfort

Last night I traveled to Plymouth, Indiana to Memories Banquet Hall with the photo booth to participate in Operation Quiet Comfort’s Annual Support Dinner. It was a fun event with a lot of Veterans and people who care about the assisting the US Military.

Before being asked to have the photo booth at their event, I had never heard of Operation Quiet Comfort. Their group is a national, non-profit group based in Plymouth, Indiana which puts together care packages to send to military hospitals for our injured troops. Some items typically sent might be: toothbrushes, deodorant, underware, socks, combs, and pajamas. They send items that the soldiers need on a daily basis that they would not have on them when they are injured. Almost always, they are transported directly to the hospitals. One thing I did learn about Operation Quiet Comfort last night- 100% of the funds they collect goes to the troops. Their management fees are $0 as everyone is a volunteer. They even pay for their own gas and lodging when they travel to their different chapters around the country. For more information about them, please visit- http://www.operationquietcomfort.com/index.html

I’ve posted photos from the event to- http://www.culverphotos.com/2013_quiet_comfort

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