Our Difference

How are we different from other vendors?

  • Photo quality! I spent months researching photo booth manufacturers and found that most companies use the same printers and cameras in their booths. At first, I truly believed that I was comparing apples to apples until I asked for actual samples from the vendors. With actual samples in hand, I discovered that there is a huge difference when it comes to lighting and photo quality. When purchasing our booth, I selected the manufacturer I believe has the best quality of photos. Lighting in our booth is studio quality. It is professional photographic lighting, which is Kelvin-balanced for the best results. If photo qulaity is important to you, please compare our results to our competitors!
  • Booth size! Our booth is 5 feet wide, which means you are not limited to photos of only 1 or 2 people. Which would you prefer? Couples-only photos or photos of 7-10 people? I’m told by the booth manufacturer that they’ve had photos with as many as 15 guests in their rental booths.
  • Everyone gets a photo strip! If you read our competitors descriptions very carefully, you’ll find that almost all of them only print 2 photo strips per session. When more than 2 people go in our competitor’s booths, someone gets left out and doesn’t receive their own photo strip. With our booth, our interface allows the users to decide how many photo strips to print.
  • Free downloads! After every event, we upload both the finished photo strips with backgrounds and graphics in addition to the 4×6 individual photo images so that they can be downloaded for free to share or print.
  • Our props! First, we don’t charge for their usage whereas some companies do. Secondly, we are continually upgrading and replacing them. Think we should carry something, let us know and we’ll see if we can’t get it.
  • Prices! If you compare, you will find that we are probably the most affordable photo booth rental company out there. We priced our booth so that everyone can enjoy it. We’d rather bring joy to people’s parties and occasions than have my booth sit in a closet waiting for higher paying events to come along.
  • People! Personnel make a difference. Our people will be friendly, on time, and professional. They will be dressed appropiately for your event and engage your guests to have fun.
  • Photographers! Yes, I did say photographers. We staff our booths with photographers. Why? We place emphasis on photo qulaity. Most anyone can man a photo booth and get decent photos. We want great photos each and every time.

If you compare us to our competitors, we are sure you’ll find the best product at the best price.