May 2013

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Culver Boys and Girls Club- Photo Booth

    Today, the Culver Boy and Girl Club kids wanted to surprise Cory Monnier, their director the past three years whose last day was today. The kids made a banner and cards for Cory. They also had cake and punch. Ginny chairs the Boy and Girl Club board so she wanted to attend the event and take the photo booth so that the kids could have their pictures taken with Cory and their friends. She also presented a plaque to Cory. We had a lot of fun. Props got scattered everywhere. Boa feathers were all over the floor. I think we may have had 30 kids wearing masks, hats, and other fun stuff at a time. It was hard to tell who was who behind all the costumes. In the end, though, the kids had a great time and they were able to spend some time having fun with Cory on his last day. Check out some of the funny pictures they took.

    The photos are posted for free downloads to-

    Culver Community Elementary Character Club- Photo Booth

      Today, we took the photo booth to the Culver Community Elementary school for the third graders’ Character day celebration. The kids do a parade through the town of Culver every year and stop along the way to chant the Character motto. Culver Kiwanis donates money to get the kids fun t-shirts. To help them celebrate, we took the photo booth so that all of the kids could get their pictures taken. The kids had a blast. We congratulate the kids for taking the time to learn about character and for proudly parading their knowledge. They will carry those lessons beyond the third grade, which we think is a great thing.

      I’ve posted the files for free downloads to-

      New Photo Booth Logo

        Thank you to everyone who weighed in on our logo design for our photo booth business. Based on everyone’s input, we decided on the whimsical logo with a slight change to the glasses. (We made them red.) When we have a logo designed for CGM Photography, we’ll most likely go with a more traditional, serious logo. -Grant


        Culver Academy Class of ’88 Reunion- Photo Booth

          Last night, the photo booth was set up for the Saturday dinner for returning 25th year class which took place at the navel building on Culver’s lakefront.

          I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it, but below is proof that we managed to have 15 ADULTS in the booth. As you can tell, the booth was a hit. I’ve posted the photos to-

          Jefferson Elementary Fun Fair- Photo Booth

            Sorry for being late with getting this information out. With Reunion Weekend at Culver Academy, I was busy.

            Last Friday, we took the photo booth to Plymouth, Indiana for Jefferson Elementary School’s annual Fun Fair. Having never had a photo booth at their carnival, the photo booth was a huge success with a line the entire evening. The kids loved the photo booth and the props and the staff and volunteers were gracious and helped throughout the evening.

            I’ve posted the photos so that the parents and kids can download their photos for free at-

            Akron Elementary Spring Fling- Photo Booth

              Tonight, we took the photo booth to Akron, Indiana, a small town just west of Rochester, for their annual Akron Elementary Spring Fling. Their event was very well attended with the photo booth being extremely popular. There was a line for the booth almost all evening. I’ve posted the files for free download to-

              CCHS After Prom- Photo Booth

                Last night, I took the photo booth to LifePlex in Plymouth, Indiana for Culver Community High School’s (CCHS) After Prom. The event was very well done with lots of activities for the kids to enjoy in a safe environment. As always, the photo booth was quite popular.

                I’ve posted the photos to here for free download.

                Oregon Davis After Prom- Photo Booth

                  Last night was a late one for the photo booth with Oregon Davis High School’s After Prom in Hamlet, Indiana. With the event starting at 11:30 PM CST and going until 2:30 AM CST, Ginny and I were a little tired by the end. (Here in Culver, being on EST, the event didn’t finish until 3:30 AM our time.) Regardless of us being tired, the students were great, very well behaved and they seemed like they really enjoyed the photo booth. Some, I think, went through the booth 8-10 times with different friends and props.

                  The photos are posted to here for free download.