1 hr rental = $250,  additional hours = $150/hr*

idle time – $30/hr**

Please add $25 to any hour that extends past midnight Eastern time.

All rentals include: booth setup and break down, an attendant during the event, use of our fun props, unlimited photos printed onsite during the event, and posting of photos after the event. Electronic copies of the photos are posted at at

* Minimum 2 hour booth rental required. Friday and Saturday nights add $100 to total package price. Prices are for travel within 20 miles of Culver, IN. Over 20 miles will incur a surcharge based on distance. (20-60 miles add $25, 60-100 miles add $50)

** Often, at weddings or parties, hosts prefer the booth is not active during dinner or toasts. Instead of charging our normal, “operating rate”, we discount our rate during these times.

For weddings where Ginny and I are hired as the photographers, there is a rental booth discount of 15%. To view our wedding portfolio, please visit

OUTDOOR EVENTS- Outdoor events require shelter from wind and possible rain. If shelter or space inside a wedding tent is not provided, we do have a classy, wedding quality tent of our own that can be used. Our tent is large enough to hold the photo booth and all of our equipment and props. To use our tent, an additional 2 hours setup and at least an hour teardown is required. For outdoor events, using our tent, we charge an additional $200.